Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just want one or two plants near my front porch. Will you do a small job like this?
A: Yes, we sure will!

Q: How often do you water plants in Florida?
A: Water plants two times per week, on the days established by your city. New trees need to be watered every day.

Q: What if you don’t have a plant in your Nursery that I would like?
A: We can acquire almost any plant you would need.

Q: Is landscaping the only service you provide?
A: No, we are a full-service landscaper meaning we can:

  • Clear land
  • Grade land
  • Design and install landscaping to your particular desires
  • Design and install the most appropriate irrigation system
  • Sod
  • Lay out rocks, stones, mulch and pine bark for ground cover and accents

Q: Do you offer warranties?
A: Yes, 1 year guarantee for irrigation work except due to neglect, abuse, acts of God or any other conditions beyond our control. No guarantee on plants unless we install them and area must have irrigation system, running daily on each zone on city or reclaimed water. All plants except annuals, 3 gallon and smaller guaranteed for 30 days. Plants larger than 3 gallon guaranteed for 90 days. There is a 50% replacement charge for small and large plants. 1 replacement per plant. No guarantee on sod or transplanted material. No guarantee due to neglect, abuse, acts of God or any other conditions beyond our control. Invoice not paid within 30 days will be assed late penalties and interest for each month late. Payment is due on the date of invoice. Intrest at the rate of 1.5% will be calculated per month. Attorney and or collection agency fees may apply.

Q: Do you do maintenance?
A: We do not do typical lawn maintenance, though may occasionally do tree trimming, mowing, or clearing of lots.

Q: What is the largest dollar – value job you have done in Brevard County?
A: $325,000