Stevenson Landscaping


Stevenson Irrigation has the expertise to design the plans, do the land prep, from clearing to grading, dig the ditches and completely install an irrigation system designed specifically for each project. We can install systems covering large areas requiring miles of massive pipes; a standard sized yard with embedded irrigation utilizing telescoping heads; above ground sprinklers; or a drip irrigation system. We can also install needed pumps and timers. Stevenson Irrigation has utilized many of the products manufactured by Toro and Hunter because of the quality and durability of the equipment.

Toro’s goal is to offer quality products needed economical rates. They design systems with accurate irrigation in mind in order to limit water waste. They provide equipment that renders optimal management of all styles of irrigation requirements. Their equipment can be used in various settings, i.e. residential, commercial, sports fields, golf courses and agriculture.

Hunter provides a complete line of rotary sprinklers that can be adapted for residential and commercial needs. They offer a variety of quality products that efficiently and economically meet your irrigation requirements. Stevenson Irrigation can be contacted for information or consultation regarding design and installation services, as well as their warranties and maintenance plans. Stevenson Irrigation has been working in Brevard county since 1981 and will take on any jobs, from repairing a home system, to installing a new system at a large commercial site.