COMMON NAME Bald Cypress
BOTANICAL NAME Taxodium distichum
HEIGHT 80′ +
LIFESPAN 1,000+ years
SOIL TYPE From clay/heavy soils, dry soils (once mature) to very wet soils or in water.
WATER REQUIREMENTS Water after planting in ground, and water every day for 2 weeks. Week 3 and week 4, water deeply twice a week. From week 5 forward water deeply at least once a week until it has been 3 months. From then on, make sure your cypress is receiving a deep watering at least once or twice per month. Shouldn’t need to be watered thereafter, however it has best results with regular irrigation. Supplement with water during droughts and the hot, dry months to keep your plant lush and thriving. Reduce watering in the Winter when growth slows.
SALT TOLERANCE Soil salt: Medium; Aerosol salt: Medium
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS Full sun, at least 6 hours.
FERTILIZING Sparingly use a general purpose 10-10-10 once in the Spring and once in the Summer for faster growth. Alternatively, use a slow-release fertilizer twice a year. Halt fertilizing from the Fall to Winter, then begin again in the Spring. Do not allow fertilizer to clump, be sure to disperse evenly. Clumped fertilizer can potentially burn roots, potentially harming or killing a plant. Avoid getting fertilizer on the leaves, flowers, and stems. Do not over-fertilize.
COLOR Green, orange
MONTH OF COLOR Green leaves during the growing season; Showy copper hues in the Fall.
FRUIT Light green unripe, brown when ripe. Round, 1″ to 3″, inconspicuous, inedible.
COMMENTS Very fast growing tree with beautiful, lacey leaves. Versatile tree that can grow in dryer conditions to wet soils and growing on water shoreline. Fruit does not significantly litter the ground. Attracts birds, squirrels, and other mammals. One of the most tolerant trees for wet soils. The wood resists rotting, good for woodworking. Bald cypress are frequently used in the south as street trees or city trees. Xeriscaping compatible.
PRICE 7 gallon $35